Reclaim Your Lunch Break - The importance of taking a break during your day

Whether you work in an office, are out & about running errands or home with your kids, making time to take a break is so important for your wellbeing.

Going non-stop all day can only lead to one thing - burnout.

In our always-on lifestyles of today it is hard to ever feel switched off. The constant wave of thoughts playing in our minds rarely lets us recharge, causing anxiety and stress.

The stats on how many people actually make time for their lunch or are eating al-desko instead of alfresco is alarming.

There are a multitude of benefits that come from taking what I call a Wellbeing Break. It will boost your mood, reduced stress and anxiety, promote productivity & creativity, you get some perspective, and can be a great time to reconnect and get social face-to-face.

And its not just you who will love the distraction, kids attitudes shift when they are given time outdoors to run and expel their boundless energy, often making the  afternoon stretch more enjoyable for everyone

To maximise the effectiveness of your break it only has to be as much as 15-20 away from your desk, preferably get outside to get a quick dose of sunshine and some fresh air. Going green by getting out to a park is more beneficial for cognitive function than an urban environment filled with concrete. And it can be a good time to take a digital detox and break away from the blue light emitted by computers and screen devices.


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