About Me

Hey there sweet cheeks!

I'm Jodi, and Cheeky Patch is my passion - I love making Cheeky Patch to scratch my creative itch and fill a market void; I love food, lunching and especially picnics #dreamy; and I love advocating for everyone to reap the benefits of taking a break outdoors to improve their Wellbeing! (and I love exclamation marks!!!)

Cheeky Patch was born from the age old dilemma of 'I want to lunch outside but I'll get my "cheeks" dirty' #howembarassing - usually this will cue sitting on your jacket, finding something in your bag like an old napkin, OR not taking a lunch break and eating al desko in front of your computer :(   

So I came up with Cheeky Patch || a Picnic in your Pocket - the original compact, waterproof picnic mat for one!!

Then I fell pregnant, had a little boy and it turned out Cheeky Patch wasn't just for lunch breaks; it was for play-dates, park days, nappy changes, table mat, lap mat, after swim mat, napkin, and everything else I needed it to be... limited only by my (or your) imagination. It was a godsend when it came to packing for an outing with kid/s in tow - families have enough to pack at any one given time so keeping Cheeky Patch in the bag, without the bulk of a traditional, cumbersome picnic blanket made getting out of the house a whole, or at least somewhat, easier.

Cheeky Patch wash easily, they allow you to picnic without sitting on top of each other or feet getting in the food. They also encourage independence in little ones with even the sneakiest of runners wanting to lay their own Cheeky Patch and stay seated for snack time.

Along came baby number 2, and this inspired me to make something more of my little hobby so I got into weekend markets which were a great success, then I wrangled a couple of wholesalers to support me, and the dream keeps on growing from there - and boy is it BIG!

Watch this space to catch up on when my next big idea plays out!!! 

For now Lunch Better, Feel Better and keep your cheeks clean

Jodi x

Jodi Napoli Cheeky Patch Award Winning picnic mat for one