You've got lunch in the bag

Lunch Boxes are not your only consideration when it comes to packing your lunch. How you are going to transport it from A to B, and C, D, E depending on what you have on is something else you need to carefully consider when your are on the shop for your lunch essentials.

The size and features of what you look for in a bag will depend on how you can store your lunch and what you love to eat. If you have a fridge that you can keep your lunch in at work than a simple tote or non-insulated bad may be fine. But if you don't have a fridge, or you don't trust that your lunch won't be knicked from the office fridge, than a more heavy-duty bag is what you will need.

Also, something that a lot of people may not consider when purchasing is orientation of the lunch bag - if you are going to be packing yoghurt or soups you will want to buy an upright bag that will not cause spillage and a mess when you go to get your lunch out. If you are simple packing salads, sandwiches or fruits this will not be as much of a consideration.


PACKIT® | Freezable Lunch Bag 4.5L - BATIK OMBREMontiiCo Insulated Lunch  Bag - FloralLunch Box Bananas

from L to R; Packit, Montii Co, Kollab, Blue Q


Do you have a favourite lunch bag that you can recommend?


Jodi - Cheeky Patch, Founder


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  • Love the ‘Hangry’ one!
    I just use a good old sistema one from the supermarket – but with such pretty ones like these I may have to up my game


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